The project will bring together two existing products: (i) an innovative methodology for the teaching of mediation skills, based on role-playing in the classroom; (ii) a Web-based simulation tool (EUTOPIA) allowing teachers to provide use the same techniques with online learners. The project will test the effectiveness of this solution in three situations of intercommunity conflict, respectively in Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Southern Italy (where the conflict involves friction between native and immigrant communities). Read More..

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ABOUT Eutopia-MT
EUTOPIA-MT project aim is to spread the current training mediation methodology through an on-line technology. We will match together a graphic multiplayer tool in 3D context for the communication modelling (EUTOPIA), developed by the Dipartimento di Scienze Relazionali of the University of Naples “Federico II”, and an integrated mediation training methodology developed by the Cooperativa “Passaggi”, using face to face learning as well as on-line role-playing. We will check our goal creating three training classes in three different conflict context: 1) an urban social conflict (Naples), 2) an urban social conflict coming from an international conflict (Belfast); 3) and an international conflict acting in the city area (Nicosia). In all three of them there is an interethnic problem (citizenship and migrating people in Naples, social classes in Belfast and populations in Nicosia). In all three of them the training classes will be coordinate by well experienced no-profit organizations. In all three of them the aim will be the non-violent conflict transformation.


The transfer of innovation will take place following two path: the instrumental aspect and the methodological problem (for “transfer of innovation” we mean the adaptation of a pre-exsisting model to a new context).
For what concerns the instrumental path, we are going to improve EUTOPIA in Ireland and Cyprus, that is to say in countries different from Italy, where EUTOPIA was born, also exploring new goals, for example looking at different kinds of inter-cultural conflict.
The “learning by doing” strategy will be the start point of the entire project. Using EUTOPIA in new countries and with new goals will allow a re-examination of it, looking at its limits and potentialities. This will be useful for the future changes in the programme and for the way to contact a wider public.
For what concerns the methodological aspect, our project will be the testing ground for the training path to become a peacekeeper/peacebuilder realized by the Cooperativa Passaggi, through its implementation in foreign countries.
Moreover, EUTOPIA will be based on an e-learning methodology, in order to satisfy different learning needs and going over the face to face learning.

The target group will be made up of young professionals (intercultural mediators, social affairs officers, international-national police forces, lawyers, peace-workers etc.) interested in mediation strategies within some given conflict contexts, in Italy, Cyprus and Ireland. Their goal will be not only to improve their knowledge but also to explore a new way to manage their long-life learning.

Together with this primary group, there will be also another kind of target group, made up of all the partners that join EUTOPIA MT project; in the future, in fact, they will be able to offer the training built through the project. All the partners share the same methodological approach as well as the same goals: the “non-violent conflict resolution” as a social change instrument, together with the aim of reaching a wider target public.
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